Inertia and the Overcoming of It

Inertia – The tendency to do nothing, or to remain unchanged.

Have you experienced inertia in an area of your life or even all areas of your life?  Some of us find ourselves in a state of inertia over a particular habit and become complacent as it spreads its ugly tentacles through all facets of our lives.

This photo showed up on my Facebook feed one day.  I started to disregard it.  I like to look at beautiful pictures of nature, art, or people who take care of themselves.  So when this meme showed up on my feed, I quickly judged the person who posted such a thing, and placed my finger on the screen to scroll up to the next post.  But wait! I glanced down, took a second look, and guffawed to myself,

That is you!  If you really want to be honest about your evenings at home, look at this picture and you see yourself.


Now, you know……I am open to any teaching tool that God uses in my life.  I don’t care what it is.  If I am really honest, honest down to the bones, this picture would probably be more accurate with a big bowl of popcorn beside me and legs up on an ottoman.

Inertia is happens in my life like this….  On weekdays, I work really hard. I cook dinner and eat with my children. We clean up and talk.  I may throw in a few choice pieces of advise about life and how they spend too much time on technology…just sayin!  I check homework. Following this time of early evening activity, I stand at the threshold of inertia.

I literally stand in my dining room, look at the front door and say to myself,

I really want to see the sunset and take a walk.  Yoga would feel so good.  I could call a  friend while I walk or listen to my buddy Macklemore.  I need the exercise and it would feel so good to get outside.  I could write a post for my blog…it’s been over a week…but you know, I’m tired.  I had a hard day. I’m a single mom.  My kids are driving me crazy and life generally stresses me out.  So, I think I’ll just sit here and watch TV and maybe I’ll take care of myself tomorrow.   

Tomorrow echos in my head: tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll get to it tomorrow, after I watch this show.

I ask you to consider the power of inertia in your own life, however it shows up. Inertia guarantees stuckness (not a real word), it closes the door for discovery, it blinds you to possibilities.  Repeating the same self-harming activity over and over again when we don’t really want to is a serious hindrance to our spiritual growth and ability to thrive.

So here’s the good news!

On the other side of inertia lives my hearts desire, a much greater power! I dream of living a long healthy life.  I dream of family harmony and joy.  I dream of elevating the lives of others through my writing and my work.  I dream of financial soundness.

Every step I take towards the door in the evening, I get closer to my dream.  Every day of hard work I put in  with my employer brings me closer to my dream.  Every time I put down unnecessary food, I get closer to my dream. Every time I show up for a friend or even a stranger I get closer to my dream.

My hearts desire calls me live NOW.  I believe it’s impossible to fail because I’m just simply doing it.  My dream propels me to show up every day, to defy inertia in my life and hold on tight to the force pulling me upward.

A dear friend sent me a link to this song which represents where I am in my life right now, I hope you find yourself there as well.





The Sun Rises

Early every morning, when my son Caleb started to toddle and talk, he rushed into my bedroom to shout “The sun rises! Wake up, the sun rises!”.  His declaration roused me from my sleep, and started my day of mothering activities.  I loved his sweet high-pitched, joyful voice when he said those words.  The start of a new day brought many joys.


He’s long since stopped bounding in with his declaration.  Yet, the truth of his words hugged me this week as I adapted to a big change in my life.

Due to a strange and unexpected twist I found myself leaving a job I loved at a place I loved.  I accepted a position in another amazing organization.   I did not imagine even two months ago I would leave this job, yet here I am, starting over in a wonderful way.

Throughout the last couple of weeks, I found myself in pain.  The pain I discussed in an earlier post that simply has to be dealt with.  No positive affirmation could relieve me at the moment of its grip on my heart.  I could not even explain it to my dear friends.  The why of heart ache is sometimes inexplicable.

I felt attached to the sweeping view Pikes Peak from my parking lot.  Every day, a gentleman smoked his pipe behind the green tress as I walked to my building.  I smelled the oaky, sweet aroma as I meditated, walking up the hill under the shade.  I loved greeting the two janitorial superheros in their purple shirts as I entered the building. They worked hard to keep our space lovely and enjoyable.  I looked forward to catching up with my office mates as we rehashed the night before or the weekend and worked together to get the job done.  We became a family.

Even though I left on a journey to an amazing place for an amazing opportunity, I felt a sense of loss.  I built community at my former place of employment.  I allowed myself to fully embrace my surroundings and more importantly the people I worked with.

I talked to a loved one on the phone and said these words…”I’m tired of starting over.  I mean, I’m 50 and I’ve been through a lot and I don’t want to start over again.”  As I heard myself say this, I simultaneously had a thought which became my answer to the pain.

The sun rises every day. It starts over every day.  It’s very old and it just keeps starting over.  It’s going to be okay.  Not only that but as every ocean wave goes out, another one comes in.  The ocean is very old and yet it starts over.  The waxing and waning of the moon is starting over.  As someone dies, someone is born, and hence life starts over.  Seasons come and go and come again.  A new storm cloud rolls in and the rain falls again.  A fallow field is planted and growth starts over.  A seed from a flower falls to the ground and growth begins.  A toddler falls down, gets back up and starts over.  Humanity and all nature is in a state of starting over.

Life means starting over at any moment, any age.  With every new dawn, a torrent of possibilities is unleashed.  I intend to embrace starting over and expand fully into my new journey.

Recreate your life, always, always. Remove the stones, plant rose bushes and make sweets. Begin again.     Cora Coralina