Funkalicious Friday

Good afternoon friend.  I looked forward to this moment all day.  It’s Friday!  I feel fun, funky and fantastic.  I finally made it to the clean page of this blog and enjoyed all of my distractions on the way.  I want to share my joy with you today!

Joy is in me and all around me. How could I have been so blind!  Did you know Albert Einstein said, our Problems cannot be solved with the same mind-set that created them?   That really sucks because the absolute hardest thing I’ve had to do it change my thinking. That stuff is pretty deeply entrenched.  We recovery we know we must have a complete psychic change or a spiritual awakening.

My former mindset was basically the following:

  • I’m marked for disaster
  • God doesn’t like me very much
  • My life keeps repeating itself and there is nothing I can do about it
  • I’m doomed

Guess what? My life actually looked just like that.  If someone had the tenacity to sit with me for a while, I could actually convince them of all those facts.  I would then cry because I had no friends.  I laugh as I write this because why would anyone want to be with a sop like that!

Now, I was a good fighter, and I fought hard to change the outer circumstances of my life. I believe some of that fighting served my family and me but I felt dead inside.  When we fight for exterior answers to an interior problems, or soul sickness, it never fully works, at least not for me.

We need a mental and spiritual lobotomy.  We change when we cease to accepting old thoughts and start thinking new ones.  It does take time but you won’t see change in your life until your mind changes, even more, your soul…..Einstein was a pretty smart guy! Start with these thoughts…even if you don’t feel the change and don’t see it with your own eyes.

  • God loves me
  • Life Loves me
  • The world needs a loving friend and I’m going to be one
  • I’m not doomed, my life is full and I have a lot to offer

Start praying or meditating on internal peace and generosity.  Ask for a helpful resource to guide you through the changing thinking process and I promise you, one will arrive. Make small changes to the way you talk to yourself and others.  My coach entered my life completely unexpectedly and I’m paying with coffee because she needed a test case…..bless her heart!

I promise you friends, this works.  When discouraging news does come, and believe me it will, say to yourself, God Loves me, life loves me, my life is good.  Start small and I guarantee you will be dancing on Funkalicous Friday just like me.  Before I sign off, I would like for you to click on this link and dance your heart out.

2 thoughts on “Funkalicious Friday

  1. Fuckalicious Friday was fantastic !I danced…… Totally believing in everything you said you’re right absolutely right it was a great great blog


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